Chemical Constituents of Noni

Compounds: Alkaloids (xeronine)
Proposed or documented effects of compounds: In theory, xeronine enhances enzyme activity and protein structure.
Notes: According to some authorities, the existence and the proposed effects of the so-called alkaloid, xeronine, and/or the compound, pre-xeronine, have not been substantiated.

Compounds: Polysaccharides (glucuronic acid; galactose; arabinose; rhamose; glycosides; trisaccharide fatty acid ester)
Proposed or documented effects of compounds: Immuno-stimulatory; immuno-modulatory; anti-bacterial; anti-tumor; anti-cancer.
Notes: A promising area for research and a highly beneficial set of compounds.

Compound: Scopoletin
Proposed or documented effects of compounds: Dilates vasculature & lowers blood pressure; anti-bacterial & anti-fungal; anti-inflammatory; analgesic; histamine-inhibiting; arthritic conditions; allergies; sleep disorders; migraine headaches; depression; Alzheimer’s disease.
Notes: Potentially wide applications.

Compounds: Vitamins and Minerals magnesium; iron; potassium; selenium; zinc; copper; sulfur; ascorbic acid (vitamin C).
Proposed or documented effects of compounds: The positive medical effects of the vitamins and minerals in noni juice are well documented. For any questions or medical and health concerns, consult a physician or dietician.
Notes: Noni juice is an excellent source of vitamin C.

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